Principal Marketing Shares Details of Internship Program

GLEN ELLYN, IL - The President of Principal Marketing discussed the firm's internship program, and several of the interns shared their feedback. The President also cited several benefits of such programs.

“Our internship allows candidates to experience behind the scenes of how to run a business as well as learn valuable skills," said Kim, the firm's President.

Many of Principal Marketing’s current interns chimed in with their insights on the program. According to Liam, “The atmosphere here is amazing and the people are wonderful. These are the main reasons I wanted to work at the firm.” Ross said the opportunity gives him a great résumé builder, making his future even brighter. Of course, it also gives him the ability to learn and apply real-world marketing skills.

Alley and Jamie spoke up as well. “It’s not the type of internship where you’re just doing busywork and going on coffee runs,” stated Alley. “Every part of this program is hands-on from day one. It’s a fast-paced learning environment and before long you’re in the field working alongside the rest of the Principal Marketing team. I’ve only just started and I’ve already learned so much. I’m excited to find out what the rest of this internship has in store for me!”

“I think this is a good summer internship because the wide range of brands we represent helps me learn the different techniques and motives of marketing,” Jamie added. “Additionally, the work atmosphere is awesome and supports a great learning environment!”

Principal Marketing President Identifies Business Benefits of Internship Programs


“Our interns aren’t the only ones who gain from the Principal Marketing internship program,” continued Kim. “The firm itself benefits in a number of ways as well. For instance, it provides an ideal opportunity for test-driving talent and finding future team members. When people join the program, we have several months to observe them in action. We consider how they learn and adapt to our culture. If they fit well, they are likely to receive job offers. I wouldn’t want to pass up any bright minds!”

Kim also explained that interns bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the team, and they’re often quite tech-savvy as well. They augment the abilities of the existing team, and with their contributions, the firm’s outreach efforts are more dynamic. “Our relationships with our interns are mutually beneficial,” she concluded. “Everyone wins!”


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